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Ticket Point

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Whilst ICE has always been the mainstay for many of our clients businesses, we continue to seek complementary offerings to capitalise on the strengths of ICE.

Signature Software are continuously seeking to expand the ways that we can assist our clients to further improve their business.

We are now very proud to announce TicketPoint can directly integrate with ICE.

There are three modes for TicketPoint:

For Your Team:

  • Logging of tickets but can allow for auto creation via email parser
  • Assignment to resources
  • Attachment of files
  • Fully integrated with Outlook calendar
  • Can record time (both billable & non billable)
  • Integrates with email parser so that all correspondence with client is visible in ticket
  • Sign off process
  • Fully integrated with ICE

For Your Customers:

  • Logging of tickets by clients at anytime
  • Allows update and status checking on tickets (activities have a public viewable flag so not all internal activities are visible to the client)
  • Attachment of files
  • Can work alongside client ordering portal (if required)
  • Fully integrated with ICE & TicketPoint (Internal)

For Your Subcontractors (in addition to internal TicketPoint):

  • View is limited to only tickets assigned to the logged in subcontractors


Contact our sales team on +61 3 8412 8600 or by email for more information

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