Our CRM will have your sales team utilising it on day one and improving their effectiveness

CRM Package

Signature Software are continuously seeking to expand the ways that we can assist our clients to further improve their business. Whilst ICE has always been the mainstay for many of our clients businesses, we continue to seek complimentary offerings to capitalise on the strengths of ICE.

We are now very proud to announce that we have a Customer Relationship Management tool that directly integrates with ICE. No need to separately maintain records as you may do with your existing CRM. Whenever you update any records in our CRM, they are automatically updated in ICE as well.

Our CRM will have your sales team utilising it on day one and improving their effectiveness. This cloud based service will automatically populate the following from ICE:

  • Customer contact details
  • YTD sales data by client
  • GP reporting for each salesperson
  • Customer interactions
  • Transaction history for each client
  • Equipment details for each client
  • Meter details for each client
  • Quotes, both past and current by client
  • Your sales team will have the benefit of all the data they need to interact with your clients on hand at all times from whatever device they choose to use. Due to the amount of data available and screen space constraints, we recommend to use tablets or larger for maximum benefit.
  • All updates on payments, service tickets and equipment will be available as soon as they are in ICE, keeping your sales team fully informed at all times.

Here is the perfect opportunity to harness the strength of ICE with a directly linked CRM to provide optimal support to your sales team.


Contact our sales team on +61 3 8412 8600 or by email for more information