The Essential Tool for Meter Readings - Complete the Process in Minutes

Machine meter reading app

Machine meter reading app

Machine meter reading app

WEB READS is an application allowing your clients to enter a machine meter reading via a web browser for devices which do not have the capability to electronically transfer meter read information.

This alleviates the need of having to manually contact the client for reads, or rely on email transfer from the site. The feature has an embedded workflow in ICE, and will allow for a streamlined approach for collection of reads which currently requires human intervention to record.

Business Advantages & Benefits

  • No more calling, emailing or faxing for meter read data each month
  • Reduce work load from days to just minutes
  • Greatly improve business efficiencies and optimise staff productivity
  • Using monthly print volumes collected, automate delivery of invoices to each client
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate the manual keying and processing of meter read data collected
  • In conjunction with ICE, automatically generate invoices for delivery within minutes


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