Stephen Shorter

Product Strategy

Nickname : Shooter

Stephen has extensive experience in senior management roles across Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA, and is equipped with business, product and project-management qualifications.

Joining Signature Software in 2020, he has been employed to oversee the practical management, strategy and direction of Signature Software’s products and services portfolio including Enterprise Management Applications, Digital Services and Business Intelligence.

Robert Kentish

Business Analyst

Customer Champion

Nickname : Bert

As a recent addition to the Signature team, Robert brings a fresh perspective on things. With 20 years' experience in the technology industry and almost 10 years's experience in analysing and solving business workflow bottlenecks and issues. Robert has developed an appreciation for how frustrating bad systems can be. Robert loves a challenge and enjoys finding new problems, designing the solution, and then seeing the clients reaction when that solution comes to fruition.

Brett Irvine

Senior Programmer

Magic Maker/Dream Creator

Ever since Brett first used a computer as a young lad back in the early 80's, he knew he wanted to be a computer programmer. He joined the Signature team 20 years after that fateful day and has been adding a helping hand on most products ever since. To this day he is still enthusiastic for developing solutions to any programming challenge.

Ronnie Chew


Dream Team

An energetic and self-motivated software developer/architect who is proficient in Microsoft ASP.Net C#, HTML5, and also a Javascript ninja. Having evolved in Machine Automation, IT, and new startup in the past, he became adventurous and quickly developed skill sets to take on the greatest challenge over the years. Equipped with entrepreneurial mindset, he thrives in embracing new technologies, constantly on the lookout for opportunity, and never fears to fail.

Vincent Wai


Dream Team

Nickname : Winning Vinnie

Vincent joined Signature in 2011, bringing with him 10 years development experience and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Adelaide. With a passion for software development, he is at his best in delivering solutions for clients and resolving problems or issues encountered in development. Always self-motivated, he thrives for challenges across multiple development frameworks.

Weng Sam Cheng


Dream Team

Nickname : Stephen Chow

Weng joined Signature in 2012. Originally studying at University as an engineer, Weng discovered his passion was in software development. His passion for software development continued in Signature by learning Web Development and has recently acquired Microsoft Certification.

Jacky Lai


Dream Team

Jacky started as a Delphi developer with Signature in 2012 and strives to work "Out-Of-His-Box" to adapt new possibilities. Team members used to call him an "OOB" man as most of the 2nd level GL imbalance tickets would be directed his way. He could be humorous if you know him long enough. "Always Try, Just Do It" is his motto.

Martin Phoenix

Digital Services Solution Specialist

Nickname : Captain Phoeno

Martin rejoined Signature in July 2018 after an 18 year absence. During his time away, he spent for eight years at a large corporate in a lead web role, as well as ten years operating his own business. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of the web, and has a wonderful ability to explain technical things in ways that make it easy for clients to understand.

Outside of work, he is an accomplished photographer, motor sport tragic and former legend golfer.