Louie Mendoza

Services Team Leader

Customer Experience Boss

Nickname : Smooth Operator

Louie enjoys a challenge and rarely says no, he takes pleasure in being able to solve issues and create rapport with clients. Has a sense of humour only he understands and can be whatever you want him to be though refers to himself as the Michael Jordan of Signature Software.

Alice Rose

Business Consultant

Customer Champion

Nickname : Ali Cat

Ali enjoys being in close contact with new opportunities and advances, always attracted particularly to practical challenges that are associated with new projects. Ali has been involved in the ICT, Print and Telco industry for over 20 years, this included running her own ICT Company and other businesses, including a Restaurant. Ali enjoys life and shares her enthusiasm with others so it's contagious. Her ability to get to the key issues quickly and give guidance and direction have been vital in implementing required change. Bang for your Buck is really her motto.

Suzanne Lavender

Business Consultant

Customer Champion

Nickname : Suz, (Sporty Spice)

Suz has been involved with Signature in various roles since 2000 (yes I know it's hard to believe that long). Suz presently focuses on implementation and solution design of our offerings. Suz has decades of experience in the print and telco industries and truly loves watching clients go live with new process automation and solutions such as DDR, toner yield and billing models. In Suz's spare time she is Mum's Uber to sporty boys.

Tracey McKie

Business Consultant

Customer Champion

Nickname : Mrs "T"

Being naturally empathetic, nursing was Tracey's first port of call, always looking to do the best for people who needed a helping hand. A few years ago Tracey took a quantum leap into the print industry that came with a steep learning curve. This gave our Mrs T an understanding of what many of our users want, and need, and this understanding came along for the ride to Signature Software.

James Hosking

Database Analyst

Artist or Artisan?

Nickname : 007

James is the man for everything business intelligence or data analytics! James comes from big business which means big data and that getting access to data in an easy to read format is imperative if you want to have your finger on the pulse. James is a natural when it comes to data modelling and business logic.

Monica Bruyn

Business Services Associate

Nickname : Mon

Monica joins Signature in 2020 bringing with her a background in Telco across various roles over the last 17 years. Monica enjoys meeting new people and assisting clients. When Monica is not assisting clients in the office, you will find her spending time with her 3 young children and husband.

Shane Lawless

Business Services Associate / Data Analyist

Shane joined Signature in early 2020 and brings a broad range of skills and background to the team. With 7 years experience in the Telco space, Shane's skills include data analytics, problem solving and helping clients achieve their goals. Outside of work loves spending time with his family (5 kids and partner) especially at the beach. I'm excited to be working with the Signature team and looks forward to meeting and working with Signature's clients.

Adrian James

Assistant Accountant

Nickname : AJ, Adds

Joining signature mid 2020 Adrian brings with him an extensive history of client focus. This ensures Adrian is prepared to do what it takes to keep the accounts engine running smoothly and provide maximum client satisfaction. When Adrian isn't busy crunching numbers he is a mad sports fan, and can be heard cheering for Geelong in the AFL, or the fastest driver with the biggest engine under their hood in any type of motor racing.