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Visualise your Business Data

Visualise your Business Data with Microsoft Power BI Dashboarding

05/01/2022 DS-Team
Visualise your Business Data

With the rise of Data Analytics, business operators can now visualise accumulated data to gain deeper business intelligence, improving the performance of your business no matter the size.

As companies grow, controlling the accuracy of the data requires regular attention; typically, legacy data is not considered as useful but those in the know are mindful that all business data is valuable by allowing for informed decisions that can positively impact.

Power BI dashboarding solutions collate data sets and display visually according to your requirements, working with an expert in this field will result in a powerful environment that transforms your decision-making process.

Many of our clients who we have worked within the Business Intelligence space have realised unimagined insight into their business by consolidating multiple data sources into a Power BI dashboarding platform – the top-ranking benefits are highlighted below:

Data Centralisation

Many companies will have several software systems with each running of their own database, typically these platforms would not have been developed with data analysis in mind – this siloed approach to data can only allow for limited analysis.

Using the tools such as Power BI and Data Analysis methodologies, multiple disparate and non-compatible data sources can be migrated into a centralised data repository, which is the basis of unleashing information into deep knowledge of the business. 

Additionally, bringing in other data sources via API’s or other data feeds can overlay onto existing data sets and result in yet further insight and evidence-based decisions; partnering with the team of Power BI experts at Signature Software will take the hassle out of what can be considered as a chaotic mess to the untrained eye.

Focus on Key Metrics

As with all transformational projects, careful planning needs to be carried out to access the correct data and receive dashboard-related insights; Power BI has powerful capabilities to develop and set optimal KPI’s in this regard.

With the use of simple drag-and-drop elements to ‘slice and dice’ interpretive data, business operators can extend established KPI dashboards to provide a deeper understanding of trends and projections within the business.

Vital business metrics through the development of KPI’s will result in faster response to market, timely management of potential threats to the business and more clarity when assessing opportunities for business growth; working with a data expert is essential to fully harness the value in your business data.

Reporting and Compliance

Often businesses are required to produce statistics and reports to government agencies, often requests from these bodies require a quick response and possible penalties for non-compliance. Typically, there is considerable pressure and disruption to normal business operations, however, with Power BI’s flexibility, requests of this nature can be produced quickly and stress-free.

By adopting Power BI in your organisation, you also open a wide range of integration possibilities throughout the Microsoft environment to manage Power BI data, dashboards, reports, and more. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Signature Software is well placed to take your data to the next level!

With a well-set up Power BI dashboard interface, team members will be empowered to analyse positive trends for increased growth while also being able to contribute toward resolving negative patterns in the business.

Accessibility of your firm’s business intelligence is across devices and security of data is paramount and forefront in mind when developing a solution by our trusted experts. Portability and timely access to dashboards and reports are essential in the contemporary business world where decisions need to be made quickly but with a high degree of certainty.

Contract a Subject Matter Expert

The benefits of adopting any business intelligence platform cannot be overstated for organisations of any size; not only do decision-makers have valuable information, but also positive change tends to permeate throughout organisations.

As with any project, implementing Power BI is complex and unless expertise is utilised the potential for success is limited; considering the transformative benefits that can be realised it is essential to invest in dedicated experts.

Take your business to the next level and contact our Power BI professionals today – make your ideas turn into reality today!

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